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Cameron Highlands Golf

Cameron Highlands Golf

Best time to visit Cameron Highlands

The best times to visit Cameron Highlands depend largely on the holiday season in Malaysia. This is because the holidays will determine the rates that hotels are charging which are usually categorized between low, peak and super peak seasons respectively.

Best time for cheap hotel rates

The most ideal time to visit would surely be the low season which falls on weekdays and non-school holidays. This is when the hotel rates are lowest while there are lesser people in the highlands.

The peak and super peak seasons on the other hand are times when hotel rates are high while you would need to contend with people around the farms, eateries and commercial areas. This is the time when traffic congestion is at its worst where it could take hours getting from you place to another.

Road to Cameron Highlands

simpang pulai road

Simpang pulai road

The drive up to Cameron Highlands is not the easiest especially among novice drivers. This is because coming in from the North-South Expressway and heading towards Cameron Highlands will involve a lot of narrow and winding stretches. Our concise guide to driving up to Cameron Highlands.

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