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Cameron Highlands is a hill station located in the state of Pahang in Peninsular Malaysia. It has a population of about 39,000 people and is one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Cameron Highlands is most popular for its cold weather and the places of interests like tea plantations, flower gardens and strawberry farms, among others.

Best time to visit Cameron Highlands

The best times to visit Cameron Highlands depend largely on the holiday season in Malaysia. This is because the holidays will determine the rates that hotels are charging which are usually categorized between low, peak and super peak seasons respectively. The most ideal time to visit would surely be the low season which falls on weekdays and non-school holidays. This is when the hotel rates are lowest while there are lesser people in the highlands.

The peak and super peak seasons on the other hand are times when hotel rates are high while you would need to contend with people around the farms, eateries and commercial areas. This is the time when traffic congestion is at its worst where it could take hours getting from you place to another.

Road to Cameron Highlands

simpang pulai road

Simpang pulai road

The drive up to Cameron Highlands is not the easiest especially among novice drivers. This is because coming in from the North-South Expressway and heading towards Cameron Highlands will involve a lot of narrow and winding stretches. During the dry season, accidents have occurred especially among inexperienced drivers while during the wet season, there are known to be landslides along the way.

Along the Simpang Pulai highway meanwhile, there are certain spots which drivers must be extra careful. This includes the sudden turn heading from Kampung Raja to Simpang Pulai after a long straight. This spot is known to be one of the most dangerous ones in this highway.

It would be best to drive steadily and not too fast because there could be branches and small rocks along the way. In more extreme situations, landslides could occur. Meanwhile, there is a direct stretch which connects Bertam Valley with Raub while a new link is built that channels vehicles from Strawberry Park out to the Simpang Pulai highway.

Cameron transportation guide

Getting to Cameron Highlands is through road where there the North-South Expressway connects the town with other states. You can get here through Tapah from the south and Simpang Pulai from the north while coming in from the east will be through the Gua Musang and Sungai Koyan interchanges. You can either drive there on private vehicles or take public transportation which are provided through major towns and cities around Peninsular Malaysia.

Driving would be the most ideal option mainly because the attractions like farms, plantations and nurseries and apiaries are connected by road. It must be noted however that traffic congestion in Cameron Highlands, particularly around the tourist attractions can be quite bad during the holiday season. For those who do not drive and arrive there on public transport, there are taxi services which are readily available. Apart from that, going around in the towns like Brinchang on foot would be a delightful experience due to the cooling weather here.

Cameron Highlands Restaurant Guide

Eateries can be found all around the commercial areas of Cameron Highlands. For the locals, enjoying a steamboat lunch or dinner would be a great experience as they will be enjoying the sumptuous hot soup amidst the cold surroundings.
The scones in Cameron Highlands have been growing in popularity in recent years, enjoying some very positive reviews around the world. As such, the scones here would surely be a ‘must-try’ for any visitor to the highlands. Enjoy them with a pot of fresh English tea and the aromatic strawberry cheese cake and strudel and the experience would be ultimately rewarding and fulfilling for the visiting tourist.

The main commercial, transport and tourist town in Cameron Highlands is Brinchang. Here is where there are an abundant choice of accommodation like budget hotels, eateries and banks while the ever so popular Night Market is located in this town as well. Brinchang town is the nucleus of Cameron Highlands as there is a large commercial area that includes a police station, a post office and 2 petrol stations while it is about 10 minutes away from the popular Kea Farm. Brinchang town can be very congested during the peak and super peak season and at nights when the market comes around.

Another town nearby is Tanah Rata. Comparatively, this town is less crowded which makes it an ideal location for backpackers and visitors looking for a more peaceful trip. There are shops and banks here like HSBC, Maybank and BSN while offering many choices of guesthouses, homestays and lodges as well as a Starbucks Coffee on the side of the road.

Tour companies
Several travel and tour companies operate in Cameron Highlands which are catered for both local and foreign tourists. This includes the likes of C.S Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd and Cameron Travel & Tours which provide a wide selection of travel packages which include short trips to the countryside, natures walk rainforest, sunshine tour as well as several others for the adventurous. This will include activities like jungle trekking, adventure tours and others.

For the shopping enthusiasts, there are a lot of choices in Cameron Highlands where you can buy souvenirs, crafts or daily items like CT Craft Centre in Brinchang, Yung Seng Souvenir Shop in Tanah Rata, Multicrops Central Market and Kea Farm, all of which offer a broad range of items for sale. Among the most popular products that are always in demand here are strawberry items, tea products, pearl corn, honey as well as souvenirs like key chains and fidget magnets where the prices are quite reasonable although some might need some bargaining.

Apart from that, a good place to shop for the fresh local produce would be the Night Market in Brinchang. This is where there is a long stretch of stalls that comes out around the evenings with a broad variety of items like bee farm produce, flowers, food, clothing, souvenirs and crafts as well as many other types of interesting items which might appeal to the visitor.

Cameron Highlands Accommodation
The accommodation rates in Cameron Highlands are largely based on the time of the year and changes accordingly. This means that regardless of whether it is hotel, guesthouse, homestay, inns or lodges, the price will vary between the low, peak or super peak seasons. Despite that, the accommodation options are usually quite fully-booked during the peak and super peak seasons as they usually fall during the school holiday periods. Listing ofCameron Highlands Apartments here.

Cameron Highlands is an ideal destination for you to escape the noise and traffic congestion of the cities and towns. This is accorded through the rich nature and the cool weather that it is known for. In recent years however, the traffic congestion in Cameron Highlands have been quite bad particularly during the peak and super peak seasons. In fact, there have been reports that traveling from Tanah Rata to Brinchang could take hours with no signs of improving or easing.  Hence, it would be most ideal to travel to Cameron Highlands during the low season or on weekdays. However, for those who are here during the peak seasons, it would be most ideal to spend some time with nature on foot rather than on the vehicle.

The main industry in Cameron Highlands is in tourism and agriculture. The natural resources here and the cold weather make it the perfect environment for plantation like flowers and vegetables. It has been known to be the ideal location for planting of tea leaves which is why The Boh Tea Plantation has been operating here for many years now. Besides that, Cameron Highlands is among the top producers of fresh vegetables, flowers and fruits for the nation. Meanwhile, tourism remains as one of the top sectors here where visitors like the cold weather while visiting the plantations and resorts for relaxation and escaping from the heat of the cities around Malaysia.

Cameron Highlands was named after Sir William Cameron who came here in 1885 in his role as a government surveyor for the British government then when he was part of the mapping expedition. It was only when Sir Hugh Low suggested that this place is the perfect retreat and farmland that a narrow path was marked towards where it is today. In the 1930s, its popularity started to grow and it continued to be known for its tea plantations, orchards, nurseries and other natural wonders.

Cameron Highlands is about 712 square kilometers which is about the same size as Singapore island. It is located at the northwestern end of the Pahang state which has an average temperature of 18 degress Celsius. The hill stations are divided into 8 sub-districts which are:
·         Tanah Rata
·         Ringlet
·         Brinchang
·         Bertam Valley
·         Tringkap
·         Kea Farm
·         Kuala Terla
·         Kampung Raja
Located from 1,100 meters above sea level, all the sub-districts here have their own importance where the towns of Ringlet, Tanah Rata and Brinchang are the most prominent. Tanah Rata is the main administrative centre here while Brinchang is most notable for being the main commercial centre of Cameron Highlands.
Besides that, Cameron Highlands is home to 8 mountains which are:
·         Mount Brinchang
·         Mount Berembun
·         Mount Jasar
·         Mount Mentigi
·         Mount Irau
·         Mount Perdah
·         Mount Sikar
·         Mount Swettenham

Cameron Highlands is most renowned for its cool weather which makes it an ideal travel destination for both local and foreigners. The cool climate here is enjoyed throughout the year with certain periods having heavier rainfall. The weather in Cameron Highlands is generally cool which means that visitors are able to walk around the major attractions in the towns in the breeze. During the daytime, the weather around Cameron Highlands is cool and warm while at night fall, it can get quite cold. Cameron Highlands remains as one of the few places in the country which is known for its cool weather all year round due to its naturally situated location. In the 1970s and 80s, most visitors like to come to Cameron Highlands to enjoy the weather and for relaxation. However, rapid development and illegal land clearing in the ensuing decades have caused a lot of negative changes to the climate and geographical landscape here.

The people of Chinese origin make up the biggest group of people in Cameron Highlands followed by the Malays, Indians and others. Most of the Chinese here are Taoists, Buddhists and Christians while the Malays are Muslims. Indians here are mainly Hindus with some being Christians as well.