The Blue Valley Flowers Farm

The Blue Valley Flowers Farm is one of the many places you should go when visiting Cameron Highlands because this is where you can find a lot of flowers and fruits for your liking. Located not far from the town of Tringkap, the Blue Valley Flowers Farm offers a unique experience especially if you are interested to buy some flowers back with you.

Fragrance and aroma in Cameron Highlands

Here at the Blue Valley Flowers Farm is where you will be welcomed by the fragrance of flower and strawberries. In fact, you can observe how strawberries are grown and produced here which makes Cameron Highlands one of the top strawberries producers in the country.

If you like, you can wander around the farm and pick your own strawberries which will be charged based on the weight. Besides that, there are many other types of potted plants and flowers for you to choose from. If you need advice on how to grow your own plants, the owner will be more than happy to help. Another unique feature here is that the owner rear a certain type of bird which you can buy home as a pet if you are interested but this will require special care and attention.

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