Camping Guide

Camping Guide

One of the most exciting activities in Cameron Highlands is camping where you can enjoy the best of nature while enduring the cold weather during the night.

Choose your camp sites beforehand

Cameron Highlands is a very unique place where you can enjoy nature and the cool weather throughout the year. There are 2 camp sites in Cameron Highlands where one is the Sungai Pauh Camp Site while another one is located at the peak of Mount Brinchang.

Sungai Pauh Camp Site is located at the Forestry Department here which makes it very easy to locate which comes with awesome scenery of the valley here used by a golf course.

You can reach there by taking the main road at the Smokehouse and making at turn at the junction towards the All Souls Church and Ken Slim. From there, the Forestry Department is located not far ahead of the church where there are sufficient parking spaces there.

There will be 2 jungle trails here, one for the novice and the other for the experienced trekker. The former should take the Parit Trail while Path 6 is meant for the latter which will go all the way to the peak of Mount Beremban which is where the camp site is.

Supply charge per night

Here, camps can be set up at any empty spaces where the rangers will then come to collect the RM3 per person fees for as long as you wish. There is a RM10 power supply charge per night where you can then use it for lighting or any electrical devices.

The Sungai Pauh Camp Site provides a lot of facilities like barbecue pits and bathrooms for the convenience of campers. It is ideal for groups of families and friends who come here for gatherings and barbecue sessions.

Meanwhile, the Kuala Woh Recreational Forest located at the foot of Cameron Highlands about 13 kilometers from Tapah town has a suspended bridge and many other facilities.

Always practice caution when camping in any of the sites here.