Hiking in Cameron

Hiking in Cameron

Cameron Highlands hiking trails

One of the most fulfilling ways of seeing the beautiful vegetation and forests of Cameron Highlands is to go hiking in the trails and treks. This is a great way to avoid the traffic congestion of the town centres and to get away from the crowd while being close with nature’s best.

There are several trails around Cameron Highlands that you can go to which range from the simple and scenic to the challenging and more adventurous ones. It would be best to bring some food or picnic lunch as you can stop by anywhere along the trails to take breaks and bask in the weather.

The best time to start hiking is in the mornings when the air is at its freshest and before the traffic starts. You are encouraged to register with the police station in Brinchang if this is the first time you are hiking here. Inform the officers that you will report back by the end of the day for safety reasons.

Start hiking early before dawn

Cameron Highlands gets dark around 5.00pm which means that you should be heading back to your starting point by then or it could be quite difficult after that. Apart from that, starting early will give you the chance to see more in daylight. When going uphill, the trails can be quite steep and narrow which means that you might need to be fit enough.

Ensure that you have the proper attire and probably some simple equipment like a walking stick and mosquito repellent. Ensure that you have planned your hikes in terms of duration and items to bring. Below is some of the estimated time need to complete some of the more popular routes.

From Mardi to Mount Beremban – 2 hours

Sam Poh Tong to Mount Beremban – 2 hours

Oly Apartments to Mount Jasar – 1.5 hours

Oly Apartments to Mount Perdah – 2 hours

Bharat Tea Estate to Mount Jasar – 3 hours

Sungai Palas Boh Teahouse to Mount Brinchange – 2 hours

Mount Brinchang to Mount Irau – 3 hours

Gunung Irau

That which makes Cameron Highlands such a great place to visit is its rich and lush vegetation. Here is where you get to enjoy the best weather around Malaysia while being close to nature in every way. If you are one who likes nature and is game for any sort of adventure, then you might want to consider trekking up Gunung Irau.

Gunung Irau is the highest peak in Cameron Highlands. It is just next to the more popular Gunung Brinchang. Getting up to Gunung Irau starts around the end of the Mossy Forest boardwalk and you can make your way upwards from there.

The climb up to the peak is about 2.3 kilometers and depending on the level of climber you are, it could take between 3 and 7 hours to reach there and back. That which makes this climb so exciting is that you actually go through a broad range of fauna and flora along the way which you do not see everyday.

As it is somewhat a continuation of the Mossy Forest, it is very common that you get through the landscape which is similar. To trek up Gunung Irau, you will need to start from Tanah Rata where there are a few options for you to choose from. Located at the east of Brinchang is the Sam Poh Temple where you can start your walk up Gunung Irau.

Around the southeastern area of the golf course between Tanah Rata and Brinchang is the Arcadia Bungalow where you can trek up to the peak as well.

Most reviewers who have successfully reached the peak of Gunung Irau will surely testify that the whole trail reminds them of the Fangorn Forest made popular by the fantasy story of Lord of The Rings. Some have even likened it with the beautiful sceneries of The Avatar.

The trail up to the peak of Gunung Irau is not difficult where it can be conquered by anyone. However, it is advised to trek up in groups because there are parts of the trek that can be quite misty. Mud and puddles of water is very common and the trek down might be quite challenging.

As such, you should bring gloves and a windbreaker in case of rain or fog. Try not to be wear overly heavy clothes although it can be quite cold at the higher areas of Irau. Extra and easy-to-change clothing would be ideal but you might not find too many places to change along the way.

Gunung Jasar

Anyone who likes a climb up the peak of a mountain will come across Gunung Jasar, one of the mountains in Cameron Highlands. This is where you get to see some of the most exciting and amazing beauties of nature as you make your way up to the peak.

There is a trail here that leads you up to Gunung Jasar where you will be welcomed by a broad range of flora and fauna that Cameron Highlands is so popular for.

The Jasar Trek is your best option in reaching the peak here where you basically get to be in within reach of the beautiful landscape of the surroundings throughout this rich natural destination. Climbing Gunung Jasar is not very difficult or too challenging. You will only need some perseverance and motivation and can be completed over a couple of hours.

Along the way, you will come across thousands of trees of different species or gardens of different coloured flowers. There is an eastern slope here which you will reach after about 1 to 1.5 hours of hiking in which you will see one of the most spectacular views towards the horizon. Here, you can actually spot the Bharat Tea Plantation and as far out as Ringlet town.

To get here, you need to pass by the Carnation Apartment junction and you can park your vehicle at the Oly Apartment before heading towards Tan’s Camellia Garden and there you will notice the trail to the summit of Gunung Jasar.

The peak of Gunung Jasar is 5,565 feet above sea level where you can actually see a lot of what is below from here including the highest mountain in Cameron Highlands, Gunung Irau as well. Getting up to the peak means you might be coming through some parts that are quite misty. So you need to be prepared along the way.

You should bring with you some snacks or energy bars for food. However, ensure that you do not litter the forest as you move upwards. Clothing should be light and waterproof in case of rain and mist. Where possible, bring a compass with you as it is quite common for people to get lost up the mountain which is about 1.9 kilometers.

Once you reach the top, descending back down might be another challenge as gravity might make the trek more slippery. Hence, you need to ensure that you bring sufficient supplies and equipment to assist in your journey to the top.

Gunung Brinchang

If you are looking to see the most amazing views then either take a ride or hike up to the top of Gunung Brinchang. If you decide to walk the trail is wonderful and not too difficult. When you reach the top of Gunung Brunchang you will be rewarded with beautiful views. You can see all of the beautiful Cameron Highlands.  You can connect to the Mossy Forest from the trail and be able to hike on up to see the strawberry fields. You will find that you are literally among the clouds and will see some of the most amazing sights of nature you will ever see. There is a tower at the top that allows you to get an even more intense view of the Malaysian rolling hills and the amazing tea plantations. This is definitely not sight that you want to miss out on when visiting Malaysia. Being 2000 meters about sea level will definitely give you are view that you will not find in many places in the world. Make sure that if you take the hike you check out the beautiful tea plantations and butterfly garden. These extra stops will definitely be worth a detour.

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