Sporting Activities in Cameron Highlands

Besides the slow and peaceful weather in Cameron Highlands, you can enjoy a wide variety of sports activities here. There are many options available ranging from golf to badminton, cycling and jungle trekking. You only need to have the interest and you are ready to go!

Golfing at the greens and range

The cold weather here makes it a perfect place to play golf in the entire Malaysia. There is not much fun to play golf when it is under the hot sun which makes Cameron Highlands the ideal destination for those who like to enjoy this game without sweating much. The golf course here is open to the public as early as 7.00am. This can be enjoyed at the Sultan Ahmad Shah Golf Club which comes with a world-class 18-hole course.

Golfing 18 Holes at Sultan Ahmad Shah Golf Club

The Sultan Ahmad Shah Golf Club is a public golf course here which gives you the best golfing experience possibly in the entire Malaysia. With the cold weather greeting you and the breeze that slaps upon your every swing, you will surely have an enjoyable game when you come here for golf. You can start teeing off as early as 7.00am in the morning or just go for a few swings with your mates throughout the day. The weather will welcome you each time you play without even breaking a sweat.

Badminton Courts available

If you are staying at the resorts and some hotels, there might be badminton courts available. This is a game which is provided as part of their facilities. However, you will need to contend with the other guests of the resorts. Otherwise, you can go on to the public community hall located in Tanah Rata, a common local favourite as well as visitors to Cameron Highlands. However, please note that you will need to make your booking early.

Basketball and hoops

The game of basketball is loved by the local people here and it is a great game to play. After all, you do not have to sweat under the hot sun here in Cameron Highalnds. You should be able to find a basketball at most towns and in some residential areas. To play this game, it is quite easy and in most cases is free for anyone with a ball and a group of friends.

Cameron Highlands has much to offer apart from great food and nice sceneries. When you are here for a holiday, you can enjoy a lot more other activities which include sporting games which are available across the various towns. This of course, would require you to have a group of friends to play together while at some places, you might have to bring your own equipment.

Court Games

Around Cameron Highlands, you can enjoy a few very popular court and racquet games. One of the most popular games in Cameron (and the entire Malaysia) is Badminton. You can play badminton in various locations which include the resorts and hotels. If you play badminton there, they usually loan you the rackets and other equipment required. However, if you have your own, it would be good. Badminton is available at the Tanah Rata public community hall but ensure that you book the court early. Meanwhile, another court game you can play is basketball. This is where you can either play against the locals or with your own group of friends. You will find that there is usually a basketball court in most of the towns around here. Besides that, you can find a basketball court at most residential areas as well.

Play Squash

For a more rigorous game, you can play squash. There are several resorts that offer squash as one of their games. Among them include the Heritage which is open to public guests while you can book the court from the Majlis Daerah Cameron Highlands and play this challenging game at their public hall.

Trekking and Extreme sport

For extreme sport lovers, you might not find many options here as it might be too cold. However, you can go and take a ride on the ATV or All-Terrain Vehicle. Located at Cameron Valley, you can rent one of these large-wheeled vehicles and take a fast and furious rides into the natural landscapes and beautiful slopes. There is nothing more enjoyable than being able to see nature up-close and personal at your own pace (very fast). Meanwhile, you can go jungle trekking into the Mossy Forest or up to Mount Brinchang.

ATV a common favourite

For the more adventurous, you can check out this modern (and sometimes extreme) sport with the ATV or All-Terrain Vehicle. The four large-wheeled motorcycles are a joy to ride and very challenging. It is a perfect place to enjoy ATV as you breeze through the cold wind and cool weather of the highlands. Offered at the Cameron Valley tea plantation in Kuala Terla, it is about 30 minutes drive from Tanah Rata. You will see a lot of tourists who come here to enjoy this sport which is loved by the locals too.

Go cycling

If you are those who like to work out and do not mind going for a physical challenge, then rent a bicycle and whiz around. Bearing in mind that Cameron Highlands is made up of a lot of up and down hill slopes. It is not easy to really go around on the bicycle unless you really have the stamina. To really enjoy this sport, you should get a group of friends and cycle and stop as you wish.