Things to do in Cameron Highlands

Things to do in Cameron Highlands

Being a major tourist destination means Cameron Highlands has very large shoes to fill. People come here would expect to have an unforgettable experience because of its reputation and stories that they have heard.

From the man-made wonders to the rustic old buildings, the plantations to the lush and foggy forests, you will find a bit of everything for everyone here in Cameron Highlands. You only need to look closer.

Nature and Jungle Trekking in Cameron

Cameron Highlands is the perfect place to go jungle trekking as you get to be close to nature without having to worry about the heat or humid weather in other parts of Malaysia.

There are several treks that have been designed for nature lovers which include hiking up Mount Brinchang or into Mossy Forest. Besides hiking up the mountains or into the woods, you can head out to the beautiful waterfalls here like the Parit Falls and the Robinson Falls.

Fruit and Vegetable Farms visit

In Cameron Highlands, you will not miss the rich and vast fruits and vegetable farms due to its cool weather. You can see them around the main towns of Ringlet, Brinchang and Tanah Rata while you can see how some of these are produced at the MARDI Agro-Park.

If you are a flower-lover, there are several flower farms located around the Kampung Raja, Bertam Valley areas where you get to see a wide range of roses, daisies and such.

There is a unique place here known as Cactus Valley which is located not far from Brinchang town that has a broad range of strange looking cactus plants and species as well as many other types of flowers.

Strawberries ripe for the picking

This is another unique practice here in Cameron Highlands. The cool weather here means that it is perfect for growing strawberries. In fact, you will not find any other places in Malaysia where strawberries are grown. To make it really exciting, you get to pick your own when you visit the farms. They sell all types of strawberry-related products like ice-cream, milkshake, jam and pastry too.

  1. Raaju Hill Strawberry
  2. Big Red Strawberry
  3. Kea Strawberry Farm
  4. Kok Lim Strawberry Farm

Cactus Centres

Many have claimed that it is strange to see cactus here as they are not necessarily cold-weathered plants. In fact, cactus is often associated with hot-weather countries and deserts. But since you are here, take some time to visit the cactus centres where you get to see some of the most exciting cacti from across the world. There are 2 cactus centres in Cameron Highlands which are:

  1. Cactus Valley
  2. Cactus Point

Visiting Tea Plantations

There are a few main tea plantations in Cameron Highlands and the Boh Tea Plantation must surely be your first option. Founded in 1929, Boh operates the Habu Tea Garden which was the first here as well as the Fairlie and Sungai Palas tea gardens. Besides that, you can visit the Bharat Tea plantation and Cameron Valley too. After all, Cameron Highlands is the largest tea producer in Malaysia. Hence, your trip in Cameron Highlands will never be complete if you did not visit any of the tea farms.

Charcoal Steamboat in the chilling weather

Naturally, you should enjoy the freshest vegetables and fruits here in Cameron Highlands. One of the perfect ways to do this is to try out the charcoal steamboat.

There are many such restaurants around here where you get to dip the freshest vegetables and seafood into a hot boiling pot of soup while those who like spicy food can try out the Tomyam version, ideal for the cold weather here.

Religious and historical places

The people of Cameron Highlands come from different religious and backgrounds. If you are visiting Cameron, you can visit the Sam Poh Buddhist Temple which is located on a hill in Brinchang town which gives you a great view of the surroundings.

The Sri Thandayuthapani Swamy Temple meanwhile is a place of worship for the Hindus here.

The cold weather here is perfect and natural enough for you to go into meditation. If you’d like to pay your respects, then visit the:

    Sam Poh Temple – Among the main Buddhist temple here, the surrounding of images of Lord Buddha and the carvings here is mesmerizing enough itself
  • Sri Tehndayuthapany Swamy – A major Hindu temple where you will see many colorful statues visited by the locals and visitors alike

Exhibitions of history and culture

If the natural beauty of Cameron Highlands amazed you and you’d like to know more about the history of this place and its culture, then there are certain places you can visit. This includes:

  1. The Time Tunnel – known as The Local Museum, check out the images of how far Cameron Highlands has come with a large collection of artifacts and memorabilia
  2. The Mah Meri Art Gallery – This is a showcase of the woodworks and art of the Mah Meri indigenous people who come from Carey Island

Butterfly and Bee Farms

Probably not the cup of tea for everyone, you can actually visit the bee farms here. These are the places you get to know how honey is produced. Yes, it is from the so-called dangerous bees that sting! But once you get closer, you realize they are not as harmful as claimed. Check out the fresh honey sold here and all types of honey-oriented products like hair care and soap.

There are a broad range of butterflies roaming around here while there is a mini insectarium as well. Bee farms are popular attractions here as well where you get to see how honey is produced and shops that sell these products.

Farms here include:

  1. The Highlands Apiary Farm
  2. Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm
  3. Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm

Apart from the bees, if you think you are in for something ‘softer’ by visiting the butterfly gardens here, you might be wrong. These places are nice to visit if you like to have the tender flappy insects gazing around you. Check out all the different species of butterflies that fly freely. However, there are other insects too like spiders and reptiles too.

Night Market or Pasar malam

The most popular market in Cameron Highlands will surely be the Pasar Malam which is located in the middle of Brinchang town. Just about anyone you know will tell you to visit the Pasar Malam that comes out in the evening and goes on until the wee hours of the morning. Besides that, there is the morning market in Kea Farm where you can find the freshest produce of Cameron Highlands

Flowers for the beautiful

When the weather is cold, you will surely relate it to flowers. Besides tea, Cameron Highlands is known for being the main rose producer for the country. This is where you can find the most type of roses grown here. Apart from that, you will find all the beautiful-colored flowers as well. Spend about half a day at places like:

  1. Lavender Center
  2. Rose Valley
  3. Rose Centre

The best of nature you can find in Malaysia

Ultimately, Cameron Highlands is all about natural beauty. Just wandering around the highlands will give you the satisfaction of being close to nature. Put in a bit more effort and you can see and appreciate more. Among them:

  1. Mossy Forest – A highlight of your visit here, Mossy Forest is located at the peak of the highest point here, Mount Brinchang. The thick layer of moss that covers the floor to the top makes the name all the more appropriate
  2. Go hiking – There are various trails here that bring you around the forests and to the waterfalls while bird-watching along the way.  If you are lucky, you might spot the Rafflesia too
  3. Waterfalls – It might be too cold to dip in but the sight and serenity of the Robinson and Thompson falls are just breathtaking

Play games

There are several sporting activities you can enjoy here. While you can actually play them in other parts of the country, enjoying here is quite nice as it is cold and you get to enjoy it until late night and then head off for some local food. Among them are:

  1. Mahjong – Mostly offered if you rent an apartment. Popular if you have a group of 4 and enjoy a hot cup of tea over the game
  2. Golf – Cool weather, world-class 18-hole golf course. What else could anyone ask for
  3. Badminton – Public courts are available for rent.
  4. Board games – This is perfect if you are staying in a place with a balcony. The cold weather is great to play a game of chess, Monopoly or Cluedo with your friends