Adventure activities (Jungle exploration)

Adventure activities (Jungle exploration)

The forest in Cameron Highlands offers a great option for adventure seekers and those who like to be close to nature. Here, there are several trails that are offered in Cameron Highlands which are catered for trekkers of all levels.

The trail starting from the army quarters around the northern peak of Mount Brinchang is one of the most challenging ones here as they are rarely used. To trek this trail you should register your details at the police station as there has been cases where trekkers lost their way during their adventure.

Popular jungle trails

A popular jungle trail here is the one from Sam Poh Tong Buddhist Temple that connects to another trail coming from Arcadia Cottage where this trail offers several other paths up to Mount Beremban that offers great view of the surroundings.

For those who like to take photos of the rich vegetation and dense jungle can use the Parit Waterfall trail where it is a great option for first-time trekkers and leisure visitors. There is a very famous picnic spot about 30 minutes from the Forestry Department where you can enjoy snacks while being close with nature. Other trails here include the Robinson Waterfall trail which goes along the route towards Boh Estate, offering lush and beautiful sceneries as well as the resounding waves of gushing water down the falls.