Cameron Highlands Flower Nurseries

Cameron Highlands Flower Nurseries

Flowers are one a popular produce of Cameron Highlands mainly because of the cool weather which makes it perfect to grow these beautiful plants. If you are in Cameron Highlands, you will notice a lot of flower nurseries around here which you can visit and buy some as well.

Abundant of Flower Farms

The Blue Valley Flowers Farm – This nursery is known for using Hydroponics in the planting of vegetables and is not far from Tringkap.

Water Crest Valley – At Water Crest Valley, you will come across a water-crest farm which is one of its distinct attractions here. Besides that, the Chiew Garden Café here serves some delicious local food.

Rose Valley – At this nursery, you will be welcomed by the fragrance of rose where you actually get to see how the most romantic flower in the world is being planted.

Rose Center – The Rose Centre is one of the few major nurseries that plants and produces roses. It is located in Kea Farm where you can buy many types of flowers, baby plants and planting materials to bring home with you. Entrance is RM5 for adults and RM2 for the young ones.

Vegetable Farms & Valleys

Low Seok Le Vegetable & Flower Nursery – You will find a broad range of flowers and vegetables here which is located in Jalan Blue Valley in Kampung Raja.

Cactus Valley – Cactus Valley in Brinchang is the place to go if you get to see and experience different species of cacti and other flower types.

Fong Huat Nursery – Located in the town of Ringlet, Fong Huat Nursery houses and plants many types of flowers. Here is where you get to see different types of orchids, types of cacti plants and many other different flowers which are for sale.

Rich Flora Strawberry Centre – Located in Kampung Raja is the Rich Flora Strawberry Centre where you get to enjoy the beautiful sights of roses and learn how they are planted.

Grape and Strawberry Farms

Green View Garden – Located at the Simpang Pulai turning in Kampung Raja, you will see different types of flowers and strawberries here or you can even buy the ‘Avant’ brand of chocolates, among others.

Fragrance Nursery – At this nursery, you will be welcomed with many types of potted plants and flowers. The Fragrance Nursery is actually the first grape producer from Cameron Highlands.