Pasar Malam Cameron Highlands

Pasar Malam
As we all know, pasar malam means night market in Malay language. Malaysians are well known for their night markets which sells lots of local varieties. Night markets are well known almost everywhere, in every town of every corner in Malaysia. Night markets are not left out at all in Cameron Highlands!

One of Malaysia’s top night markets

Each town has its own night activities which offers not only tourist but its own local people a wide choice of interesting local products which includes food to even handicraft items. There are night markets in each town of Cameron Highlands. So tourists do not have to worry of traveling to another town just for its night market but maybe there is a difference in its variety of products being sold which you may prefer to travel just a few stops away to buy that one thing that you favour! In Ringlet, which is the first town of Cameron Highlands, holds its night market on every Tuesday nights. Ringlet is actually just a small peaceful town that provides for its own people.

Local food and fresh vegetables

Therefore, you won’t find many tourists in this town but the night market here gives you a very homely feel because it is at a smaller scale compared to night markets in other towns. It basically sells local food, clothing’s plus needy and handy items that caters to the people’s needs. Where else in Brinchang, it holds its night market on every Friday and Saturday nights. Cameron Highlands night market is no ordinary night market. It is considered one of the most happening night markets in Cameron Highlands because it is located at the most happening town of all! Brinchang is a town where you can find lots and lots of tourists here.

Night activities in Cameron

Therefore, the night market here is just the place everyone should be if you’re the kind of person who loves night activities, loves walking in the night street lighted with beautiful colorful street lamps and a dose of windy feel that may put you in a shiver! Brinchang’s night market offers a wide variety of products. Read variety! You can find almost everything ranging from food to clothing. One main attraction of its night market is its food. They have so much of variety that you’ll be spoilt for choice. You can find Cameron Highlands local specialties such as potato balls, pancakes, fried beans, pizzas, burgers and more. Not forgetting the warm wonderful steam corn that tourists crave for in such cold windy night.

The only night market in cold weather

As you know, the temperature in Brinchang at night can put you in a shiver as its wind is just breezy and wonderful! Besides all the specialties, one extra specialty that never fails to attract the tourists is its Fresh Strawberry Juice. Yes, you can find it all in this happening night market. Just in case if you hadn’t got a chance to visit the strawberry farms in the day, fret not! You can find it in Brinchang’s night market as the strawberries are just as fresh as they are plucked in the day and sold in the night, not overnight.

Souvenirs and gifts

Besides food, this night market also has souvenirs which caters for tourists needs. Tourists will never have to leave this place without a piece of souvenir in hand because the items here are sold in very cheap price. Its price is so reasonable yet you still can bargain. Isn’t that rewarding? That is why Brinchang’s night market is one place you should never miss. If you’re just not the person who’s looking for local specialty or craving for food, take it as a night walk and enjoy this stretch of wonderful atmosphere with your loved ones.

Have the fun of bargaining

You’ll be surprised for sure as how the atmosphere will about to change how you feel and put you in a relax mood. One last thing about night markets, you can BARGAIN! So why not take a walk in the town’s most happening night market and enjoy the wonderful food while doing a homely local feel of shopping in Cameron Highlands.