Souvenirs & Gifts in Cameron Highlands

Souvenirs & Gifts

When you come back from holiday, you will definitely never miss out buying souvenirs for your family and friends. Therefore, when you get back from Cameron Highlands, you can also buy many souvenirs for your loved ones. There are different type of souvenirs that you can get for your family and friends.

These souvenirs can be a keychain, flowers, teas or even vegetables. Do not be surprise if your friend brought back vegetables for you. This is because; Cameron Highlands is so popular with its organic and fresh vegetables.

If you would to miss out buying the vegetables there, you will definitely regret because you will never be able to find such a fresh vegetable out of Cameron Highlands.

Popular tea gift ideas

Teas are also another product especially in Cameron Highlands and are very popular as a gift for friends. There are many type and brands of teas such as Boh tea, Sg. Palas tea and Bharat tea.

You may think that these teas are rather cheap but the fact is it is not cheap at all. All these teas are special in its own way. It may differ for every individual.

You may like Boh tea more than the rest but I may prefer Bharat tea. Therefore, when you get to Cameron Highlands, never miss out going on a trip to all the teas factories. You also should never miss out trying all the different brand of tea and find for one that suits your taste the best.

Flowers are also very popular in Cameron Highlands especially the chrysanthemum. The chrysanthemums there are so round like a ping-pong ball. You will be so surprised to see such a round and big chrysanthemum.

Flower Souvenirs & Gifts

These flowers are also very popular to be given as a gift when you come back from Cameron Highlands. The receiver will be so happy to received such a round and big chrysanthemum.

Although it is a little bit of prohibited to give chrysanthemum to Chinese, but I think, they would not mind so much seeing your sincerity. Besides the chrysanthemums, roses are also very popular in Cameron Highlands.

You will be able to see many types of roses. It can be small little roses or even the normal big roses. You also will notice that these roses come in rainbow colours. You will be able to see purple roses or even blue roses. You can buy either a bunch or a pot back home as a gift.

Buy souvenirs at night market

Cameron is also popular with its strawberries. You can definitely buy strawberries as gift. Everyone loves to eat strawberries especially the little kids. You can buy these strawberries from the strawberry farm or even at the Cameron night market. You will be able to see plenty of stalls in the night market selling strawberries.

You can see different packing and different sizes. If you do not prefer getting these strawberries from the market for you afraid that it might not be fresh, you can even pluck your own strawberries if you would like to try it.

You can go to any of the strawberry farm and they provide the service of plucking your very own strawberries. You can choose those that are big or if you are smart enough, you will choose those that are sweet even though they might be small.

However, do bear in mind that strawberries are not advisable to be keep for a very long time. You will have to eat it by the next two days. Or else, it will not taste very nice.

Honey as gift and souvenir

Besides those, you can even buy honey as a gift. Cameron Highlands is popular with its honey for there is a honeybee farm in Brinchang.

There is an Ee Feng Gu honeybee farm located 5 km from the central of Cameron highlands. You can purchase manufactured honey products such as pure honey, royal jelly and pollen.

These products are definitely a good gift for your loved ones. Besides that, they even sell Chinese tea leaves, Yi Xing Violet Sand Teapot Set, crystals, stone carving souvenirs and others.

You can even get all your souvenirs and gifts in just one place. That is so convenient. You can even go the souvenir shops. One of it is the Yung Seng souvenir shop. They specialize in the asli craft. It is located in Tanah Rata. Therefore, if you would like to get some asli craft souvenir, Yung Seng is the place you should head to.

The other one is the Antiqrust store. This store is located in Brinchang. It manufactures and distributes quality hand-painted terracotta products such as pots, vases, table lamps, fridge magnets, key chains and many more.

Therefore, if you would like to get some hand-painted products, you should go to Antiqrust.