Tea Plantations

Tea Plantations

Cameron Boh Estate Plantation

Cameron Highland is the main producer of tea because its cold weather here makes it perfect for the planting of tea. As you visit Cameron Highlands, you will surely come across many farms and plantations which are unique here.

The tea plantations in Cameron Highlands are among its top attractions where you get to learn how tea leaves are planted, produced and even enjoy a fresh cup of tea overlooking the beautiful landscape across the mountains.

The Boh tea brand is the most popular tea brand in Malaysia. There are 3 large plantations in Cameron Highlands which are operated by BOH Plantations with one in the state of Selangor which collectively produce the Boh tea products.

In Cameron Highlands, the Sungai Palas Tea Estate located around the northern region of Brinchang town is one of the most popular plantations in Cameron Highlands. Here is where you can visit the Sungai Palas Visitor Centre where you get to experience tea planting at its best while enjoying a quick snack with a cup of fresh tea at the lofty café here.

Boh Plantation in Fairlie Garden

Not far from here is another plantation operated by BOH located in Habu in Ringlet. This is at the Fairlie Garden which is one of the earliest plantations here which was established by J.A Russell, an English businessman who saw the potential of growing tea from Cameron Highlands due to its unique weather and climate.

Besides Boh, the Bharat Tea Plantation is another place you can visit. It is the second largest tea producer from Cameron Highlands that makes the Cameron Valley tea brand which started in 1933.

This brand is now available across the country and loved by many. It is situated not far from Tanah Rata and remains as one of the top tourist destinations in Cameron Highlands today.

Cameron Bharat Tea Estate & Plantation

If you are looking for a beautiful and relaxing place to visit you should definitely visit the Cameron Bharat Tea Estate. This plantation has been running since 1933 and has been growing since then. This tea estate is by far the most famous in all of Cameron highland.

The scenery is beyond beautiful and relaxing. Many compare Cameron Bharat Tea Estate to a lovely English countryside. You can find amazing places to sit and see the beautiful rolling hills filled with lovely rows of tea plants. While visiting the Cameron Bharat Tea Estate make sure that you try some amazing tea and a delightful dessert.

Many people recommend trying the amazing cheesecake of hot scones with strawberry ham and cream. Make sure that you have a nice hot cup of Marsala tea when you visit as well. This is definitely somewhere you don’t want to miss.

Before leaving make sure that you pick up some of their amazing tea flavors such as blackcurrant tea, lemon tea, orange tea, strawberry tea, and masala tea. With the amazing views, the wonderful fragrance of tea in the air you will have a trip that leave you feeling relaxed and in awe of the beautiful scenery.

Enjoy fresh tea while breezing with fresh air

Visit the Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation to taste some amazing tea and see the most amazing views of the plantation that you will ever see. The tea available on the plantation has a beautiful blend of perfect spices and sweetness.

You can also try the tarek nasi lemak and the nice cakes that are very tasty and make a good treat. Hike down into the lovely fields to see a beautiful waterfall. No matter where you look you will be surrounded by beautiful nature and picturesque scenery.

The rolling hills seem to go on forever and make you feel like you have transported to a place in time where the earth hasn’t been disturbed. The teas come in amazing flavors that you will not find any fresher any where else.

Buy fresh tea from the souvenir shop

Locals definitely suggest that Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation is the best plantation to visit in the area. Being away from the rush of the city and being surrounded by all the beautiful nature is definitely the perfect reason to visit.

Make sure that you stop by the beautiful shop to pick up tea to take home with you. You definitely will find a huge selection of fresh and amazing tea that you will not find anywhere else.