Carnation Park Holiday Apartment

Carnation Park Holiday Apartment

Strategically built amidst the majestic mountains and lush greenery tropical forest, Carnation Park Holidays Apartments is located about 15 kilometres from Ringlet and approximately 5 kilometres from Brinchang town Cameron Highland. Thus, guests have easy access to major banks, eateries and restaurants, post office, grocery and administrative offices.

Besides that, one of the most important aspects that encouraged the visitors to stay in Carnation Park Holidays Apartment is its close proximity to attractions such as Cactus Valley, Butterfly Garden, Tea plantation, Brinchang hill, Orang Asli Village and also the most popular hot spot in town, the night market.

Apartment with Golf Course View

This five-storey apartment houses 3-bedroom and 2-bathrooms in each unit complete with numerous facilities and amenities such as an attached balcony for holidaymakers to enjoy the panoramic and picturesque view of the nearby golf course and garden, living hall, kitchen with utensils, colour TV, refrigerator as well as mahjong table.

So plan your holidays in Cameron ahead with the wonders of soaring birds, exotic plant, blossoming flowers, mountain hiking and many more at Cameron Highlands!