Country Lodge Resort


Travelling to Cameron Highlands can be a very fulfilling experience if you have a comfortable place to stay without having to travel very far. If you are looking for one such accommodation, then the Country Lodge Resort could be your perfect option.

Beautiful sights of Cameron Highlands

Whether you are here for business, leisure or for a short break from the heat of the cities and towns, the Country Lodge Resort gives you all you need in an ideal trip. This is where you will find a wide variety of top quality services and facilities.

Located in the town of Brinchang, the Country Lodge Resort is very convenient as you will be located just minutes away from the town centre where you can find a lot of public amenities and services.

This is where you will find a lot of places to eat, convenience stores and fast food outlets while the pasar malam is located here as well. From Brinchang, you are about 10 minutes away from both Tanah Rata and Kea Farm where you will find a lot of top tourist attractions there.

At the Country Lodge Resort meanwhile, you can choose between the different types of apartment units there that come in either 2 or 3 room units. Single and private rooms are available for small groups of visitors, all of which are fully equipped and beautifully designed for your maximum comfort.

The apartment units are fitted with a kitchen and cooking equipment, making them ideal if you plan to self-cook. All units come with Astro channel television sets while you can enjoy the free internet service from the comfort of your respective units as well. If you are one who like the natural outdoors, then you can view the spectacular sceneries from your own balcony or take a walk outside where you will be welcomed by a myriad of flora and fauna.

Country Lodge Resort
Lot 47 Section 3
39100 Brinchang
Cameron Highlands
Pahang Darul Makmur