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Greenhill Apartment Homestay

Visiting Cameron Highlands, like any other travel destinations in Malaysia can be a very unique experience if you are able to stay with a local family. Besides enjoying the homely farm environment in any Cameron Highlands homestays, you actually find that your trip is more satisfying having been able to understand the local farming culture and heritage better. Homestay is quite a popular option today and it is the same in Cameron Highlands where you can find contacts here in

Why Homestay than hotel in Cameron Highlands?

Staying with a local Cameron Highlands family gives you the opportunity to maximize your trip’s worth. You actually have several options to choose from in terms of Cameron homestay. The most common and popular choice is to rent a room from a local family offering these services. During the term of your stay there, you will be treated very much like a member of the family where they will cook for you during meal times. On top of that, you actually get to follow them out during their daily chores which mean that if the family operates a vegetable farm, you will be going through the whole process as well.

Another Cameron Highlands homestay option is to rent a whole house or bungalow and is ideal if you are travelling with your family. You will assimilate into the forestry environment as part of the community.

Local Customs

It is very important to observe all the practices and values of the local farming community you are staying in. Malaysians are known to have strong family ties, values and respect with a rich religious background. This is where you have to be sensitive about such practices and customs. As such, there are certain homestay options that are specifically catered to certain groups of people like Muslims and others.

Options and Rates

You will find that Homestay options are easily available around Cameron Highlands. Names like D’NAz Muslim Holiday Apartment, Homestay MZ, Iman’s Homestay, Hometay Royal Lily area among those that offer these services. Depending on what you are looking for and the experience you are seeking, you will have to discuss the arrangements with the Cameron Highlands hotel owners provider where you will find that the rates could be between RM80 to RM300 per night. Public holiday rates very expensive and you will need to book a month in advance.

There is no better way to experience the best things of a travel destination than staying in a homestay and that is what you should do if you visit Cameron Highlands. There are a lot of homestay Cameron Highlands where you actually get to learn about the common practices and way of life of the locals here.

Affordable Homestay Rates

Depending on the location of the homestay and what you are looking for, rates can start from as low as RM100 per night. This is a lot more affordable as compared to staying in a hotel or an apartment.

After all, you get to experience the lifestyle of the locals here and probably be staying in a village setting. Rates meanwhile can be up to RM250 per night and that is most common if you are renting a whole house.

What are the accommodation options

There are many options you can choose from which can be tailored for specific needs. The Sweet Home Apartment is specially catered for Muslims only which is located in Tanah Rata which is the same requirement for Zizi Homestay.

Other options that you can consider include Homestay MZ, the D’Naz Muslim Holiday Apartment Cameron Highlands, Homestay Aura Nur and at Homestay D’Heritage @ GreenHill Resort and many more, all of which are located around the major towns around Cameron Highlands.

Name: Greenhill Apartment Homestay
Address: Jalan Gereja, 39000 Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, Pahang.
Tel: 010-2266 260(Whatsapp available)