Royal Lily Apartments

Royal Lily Apartments

Your ideal and relaxing vacation begins here at Royal Lily Apartments. For vacationers who are looking for a quality and affordable holiday accommodation with 5-star cleanliness at the most reasonable price, look no further because Royal Lily offers you everything as the units are well-equipped with various thoughtful amenities. Well, one of the pleasures of staying in Royal Lily is to be able to take a walk and stroll down the chilly and beautiful lush greenery hills.

Apartment best for Adventurers

Beautifully located in Tanah Rata, vacationers have easy access to plenty of sights and attractions. And finding your ways around Tanah Rata town to the impressive Royal Lily Apartment is not too difficult. In fact, Royal Lily is perfect for adventurous or group travellers for you can embark on a journey to walk over the challenging jungle trail such as Robinson trail once you settle down in the apartment.

Nevertheless, here are some of the facts you need to know about the apartment. It is located just five minutes walk from the centre of Tanah Rata town. For adventurous vacationers, you are encouraged to walk along the main road leading to the apartment and check out the shops around town.  The rates for this cozy and clean apartment start from RM230 to RM320.

To stay competitive and appeal to travellers, the apartment underwent major interior refurbishment to ensure all guests enjoy till the max their vacations here. All the units consist of 3 spacious and comfortable bedrooms that can accommodate up to six persons. And the living room is fully furnished with basic amenities such as colour television and comfortable couch.

Best of all, guests can enjoy exciting and exhilarating shows on Astro. On top of that, the apartment unit also comes together with refrigerator, kitchen fully equipped with various cutleries while the toilets have water heater to ensure you have a relaxing and comfortable weekend altogether.