Sri Juliana Chalet

sri juliana

If you are looking for a truly unforgettable experience when visiting Cameron Highlands, the Sri Juliana Chalet would be a great choice. This is because it has a unique set up and design which is located on a slope and very easy to identify.

Chalet on the slopes

The Sri Juliana Chalet is located in the town of Brinchang where you are nestled among the rows of shops offering a wide variety of steamboat and seafood restaurants as well as convenience and souvenir shops. Since you are around here, you must take the chance to enjoy the steamboat restaurants which is one of the common favourites among the locals and visitors where you can enjoy a meal of dipping fresh seafood and vegetables into a hot, boiling pot of tomyam or herbal soup.

That which makes the Sri Juliana Chalet such a great place to stay is in its setting. You can spot this place from a distance due to its unique design where you can then enjoy a wide range of facilities and very good service from the staff. Furthermore, the hiking trails are not far from here too.

At the Sri Juliana Chalet, you can opt for the Deluxe or Quad Room which would be ideal for small groups of people. If you are coming with a family, the Family Suite would be ideal as it is designed to accommodate up to 8 people at any time. Besides that, the Sri Juliana Chalet makes for a great place to stay if you are driving here as there are ample parking space around its vicinity.

Within the chalet units, you can use the many types of facilities provided including free wireless internet access, hot shower facilities in the attached bathroom as well as being surrounded by some of the most beautiful sceneries around Cameron Highlands.

Sri Juliana Chalet
F-32 Jalan Sultan Abu Bakar,
39100 Cameron Highlands