The Smokehouse Hotel and Restaurant

The Smokehouse Hotel and Restaurant

Ye Olde Smoke House is located after the town of Tanah rata, towards the town of Brinchang. To be exact, it is adjacent to the Cameron highlands golf course. You will have to go through many loops, switchbacks and steady climbing before you reach this delightful Smoke House.

The smoke house is a 4 stars hotel. It is the most famous building in Cameron highland. It is very well-known and is categorized as a boutique hotel. Therefore, the price that is being charged is relatively high.

The Smoke House is an authentic-looking Tudor-style with a 2-storey building. It was built on 1939. It houses more than 13 rooms and all the rooms are attached with a bathroom and hot water.

Best beef and steak in Cameron Highlands

Some of the more premium rooms come with a fire place as well. All the rooms in the Smoke House have the view of either golf course or garden. The cheapest room in Ye Olde Smoke House starts at around RM300++.

The most expensive one may reach till RM 800++. Do take not that the price may differ for weekend and weekday. It will also rise during the peak season.

There is a restaurant serving delicious traditional English foods. If you crave for the usual English delicacies, this is the restaurant where you should never miss out.

They serve wonderful traditional English breakfast. This will most probably be inclusive in the package. Besides that, they also serve tea with scones, cream and strawberry jam.

Scones with fresh Strawberry Jam

Scones with cream and strawberry jam are rather popular in Cameron. Therefore never miss out the chance to try out the scones and the homemade strawberry jam. You also may enjoy your drink by the fireplace.

This is definitely perfect and suits the cold weather there. You can sit by the fireplace with your loved one cuddled up in your arms. That is so romantic. Bet your loved one will enjoy it.

Nearby the Smoke House is the golf course in Cameron Highlands. You can definitely play golf there if you bring your golf equipment along. You do not have to go so far away like China just to play golf and discuss your business.

You can actually go Cameron and discuss your business and enjoy the golf. Besides that, you can also enjoy the cold weather and the fresh air. It will definitely make you feel more healthy.