Canadian Pizza

Family, friends and good times have always gone together. And nothing brings people together in quite the same way as sharing a pizza.

For over seven years, Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza has been invited to everyday dinners and special celebrations in Cameron Highlands for a simple reason: the great tasting pizza and food make good times better. In pursuing the mission of “helping make the good times better” it has become one of the nation’s largest and most successful pizza chains.

With plans to open stores throughout Asia, many new opportunities are going to be created for companies and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and dreams with the Canadian Pizza.

The traditional approach to making Canadian pizza is a reflection of the organization

Canadian Pizza stores are owned and operated by people living right in the neighborhood they serve. They know their customers and they know them. They continue with this winning formula when selecting Area Franchisees for the different Regions and Countries in Asia.

Neighbourhood Pizza

Canadian Pizza have created a point of differentiation between themselves and their competitors. The focus has always been on delivering across four key areas:

Health : Offering customers a healthier fast food alternative
Quality : Providing a consistently high quality product
Freshness : Using only the freshest ingredients
Efficiency : Delivery products quickly and efficiently

The ultimate goal is to lead the pizza delivery market.