Pet Stores and Veterinaries

pusat veterinari

You need to be very committed if you have a pet. Whether you are a local resident in Cameron Highlands or visiting here for a holiday, knowing where to find your pet supplies will be very crucial so that you know where to look when needed. There are several places you can go if your pet needs medical attention or if you need basic supplies.

Pet supplies and medical treatment in Brinchang and Tanah Rata

Medical Services – Unfortunately, you will not be able to find specialized veterinaries that are privately-owned here. In Brinchang, you can head to the Pejabat Perkhidmatan Veterinar Daerah Cameron Highlands. This is a government medical centre where you can find standard and basic medical services.

Besides that, if you need minor surgical services, you should be able to get them there too. Over in Ringlet, there is a local female veterinary providing basic service for pets and small animals. For more major services, you will have to find them in larger towns out of Cameron Highlands.

Supplies – If you are around in Kampung Raja, you should be able to find some supplies in Doggy & Doggies located in Kampung Raja. Besides that, it is quite difficult to find specialized supplies around Cameron Highlands.

Most of the pet owners will get their supplies from other towns. However, you should be able a variety of pet foods in the supermarkets at the town centres. Most of them will carry a certain brand while you can find them at some sundry shops as well.