Cameron Highlands Farms & Markets

Cameron Highlands’ cool and pristine weather is the home to growing some of the freshest vegetables, flowers and fruits. In fact, the farms and markets here produce a majority of the supply of these items for the country and across the region as well.

Primary grower of vegetables and fresh products

There are various types of farms and nurseries located across Cameron Highlands. From the bee farms at Kea Farm to the tea plantations and the vegetable farms and strawberry parks, Cameron Highlands play an important role in growing and supplying fresh foods for the entire country.

You can now plan your trips to the farms around Cameron Highlands and see how the local products are grown and then channeled to the local markets. Furthermore, you can visit the markets around Cameron Highlands here.

The most notable market here would mostly be the pasar malam. You can visit them during the weekends and on eve of public holidays. The stalls will start from about 5.00pm on those days at the heart of Brinchang town. This is where you can find the freshest local vegetables, flowers, bee and honey products, fruits and other items. It is the place where you can find a lot of local snacks and delicacies like strawberry jam and the infamous apom balik as well.