Fong Huat Nursery

Fong Huat Nursery

The Fong Huat Nursery is located in the town of Ringlet, which is away from the more crowded and congested towns. This is a place that you must visit if you are here for holidays as you will surely come to know about how the cooling weather helps to accommodate the planting of growing of flowers and vegetables.

Thousands of different flower species

There are many types of plants available here. It has been claimed that there are several thousands of different species here where you can buy all types of flowers possible here. This include cacti and the different shades of orchids.

Unlike many other nurseries, entrance to the Fong Huat Nursery is free of charge and you will be welcomed by the beautiful colours of the flowers and the aromatic fragrance of greens and vegetables. The products here are for sale where you can buy different types of plants and flowers.

If you are looking for planting material like planter vases and such, the Fong Huat Nursery has a good variety of choices as well. Parking spaces are sufficient while walking around the nursery can be a truly refreshing experience, especially when you can breathe in the fragrance amidst the cool weather here.

Fong Huat Nursery
33 miles Ringlet,
39200 Cameron Highlands,