Fragrance Nursery

Fragrance Nursery

The Fragrance Nursery is housed within more than 2 acres of land along Jalan Kea Farm not far from Brinchang town. It is one of the nurseries you should visit when you are in Cameron Highlands as this is where you will find the first and only few grape producers in the country. In fact, it is the first operator to grow and produce grape in Cameron Highlands.

First grape producer in Malaysia

For a truly unique experience, the Fragrance Nursery gives is the ideal place to go as the pioneer of the grape production industry of Malaysia has taken great lengths in research and development to supply some of the best grapes around.

The nursery is open every day from 8.00am to 6.00pm where you can learn how grapes can be planted and grown in Malaysia.

Besides grapes, you will find a lot of plotted plants here at the Fragrance Nursery. This is where you will find other types of fruits like strawberries and many species of flowers.

The Fragrance Nursery exports potted plants to other parts of the country as well as to neighboring countries while they are involved in supplying to corporate companies while they are involved in landscaping design and architecture as well.

Fragrance Nursery
Bt 41, Jalan Kea Farm,
39100 Cameron Highlands