Rich Flora Strawberry Centre

Rich Flora Strawberry Centre

The Rich Flora Strawberry Centre is one of the many places you should go when visiting Cameron Highlands. It is one of the main attractions here which is located in Kampung Raja, about 5 minutes’ drive away from Kea Farm.

At the Rich Flora Strawberry Farm, you get to find out how strawberries are planted and grown in this part of the country. The farm is open daily from 8.30am to 6.00pm.

Pick your own strawberries

There is no entrance charges to the farm while you can get straight to wandering around the sea of dark red strawberries. At the centre, you can choose and pick your own strawberries which is then sold by weight.

Although strawberries are the main attraction here, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of other flowers and vegetables too. This is where you can choose some of the freshest vegetables planted in the nursery and bring home with you.

Besides that, flowers are available for purchase as well as many other items involved in the planting of these products. There is a gift shop here which sells a lot of different strawberry products and items while you can buy some crafts or souvenirs during your trip as well.


Rich Flora Strawberry Centre
Lot F-323, Ulu Telom,
Kampung Raja,
39010 Cameron Highlands