Strawberry Farms

Strawberry Farms

There are many strawberry farms in Cameron highlands. The number of farms you see will surprise you. This is because strawberries are suitable to be grown in places with cool weather.

Therefore, many strawberries farms are seen in Cameron Highland. Nowadays, a lot of the strawberries are grown hydrophonically method. This is a method of growing strawberries without soils.

Highlands Strawberry is smaller

It is grown on raised trays fed by water containing the essential nutrients for healthy growth. Although highland strawberries tend to be slightly smaller than those grown in Europe, they are just as sweet and delicious as those grown in Europe are.

This is probably because of the lack of long sunshine hours to promote growth.

Raju Hill Strawberry Farm, Kasimanis Strawberry Farm and Healthy Strawberry Farm are the most popular strawberry farms to be visit in Cameron Highlands. You will be surprised when you get into the strawberry farm.

You will realize that it is not just an ordinary strawberry farm. You will be given the chance to pick and pluck your own strawberry. You may pick those bigger in size or you may get those sweeter ones.

More than ten strawberry farms in Cameron

This is definitely a good way for you to choose bigger and sweeter strawberries. Beside that, you will also be able to gain new experience of plucking your own strawberries. It is definitely a sweet and memorable experience. Little kids will definitely love this.

Besides the fruit strawberries, you will also be able to taste delicious, mouth-watering strawberry lassi, pickled strawberry, strawberry yoghurt, strawberry milkshake, strawberry ice cream and much more.

You will be able to see many ranges of strawberries products. You also should not miss out trying the homemade strawberry jam, strawberry ice and strawberry syrup.

There are also strawberry cake, strawberry sundaes, strawberry tea and strawberry juice. These are all made of fresh strawberries. You should never miss out trying these. They are special and super delicious. – Cameron Highlands Guide