Water Crest Valley

Water Crest Valley

Learn about water crest

The Water Crest Valley is a very unique place that you can visit when going to Cameron Highlands. If you are interested to learn about how water-crest is grown, this would be the best place to start. You will not miss this farm if you are around the Tringkap area as it is located along the main road of this town.

As the name implies, the Water Crest Valley is known for growing this type of healthy fruit. This is probably the only place in Cameron Highlands known for this plant. However, if you are interested about other plants and vegetation, the farm is involved in producing strawberries and other vegetables as well where you can pick and choose your own.

Watercrest Steamboat Restaurant

A unique feature of the Water Crest Valley is that it has its own Watercrest Steamboat Restaurant that serves freshly produced items while you can buy some items at the souvenir shop as well.

The Chiew Garden Café here serves some very delicious Chinese home-cooked dishes like their own omelette, their watercress soup with dumplings as well as the very popular fried watercress with garlic, among others. Your meal meanwhile will be complete with the refreshing and healthy watercress drink.

Water Crest Valley
Lot UT/KF/F 160,
159 Jalan Besar Batu 44,
39100 Cameron Highlands.