Cameron Highlands Weather

Cameron Highlands Weather

Suffice to say; any mention of Cameron Highlands and you will envision the cool highlands and some really cold wind. It is a known fact that Cameron Highlands is one of the top tourist destinations not only in Malaysia but in the region too by nature of its cold weather. What could be better than to escape the crazy heat of the city and towns for a quick getaway to the highlands where you can enjoy local food, tea and a lot of other attractions?

Generally, the weather in Cameron Highlands is cool throughout the year. In fact, this is the place that holds the record of the lowest temperature in Malaysia. It occurred in 1978 when the temperature fell to 7.8 degrees Celsius. To put that in context, the average temperature across the country is recorded at 33 degrees during the day and 22 degrees during the night. For Cameron Highlands, the average temperature is:

  • 23 degrees Celsius during the day
  • 10 degrees Celsius during the night

Cold and chilling weather all year long

The cold weather in Cameron Highlands is due to its elevation above sea level and its ideal geographical location which is in the highlands of Pahang. Throughout the year, Cameron Highlands experience low temperature which can be quite chilling at night.

As such, planting of tea, flowers and vegetables are perfect under such environment. There are 3 main towns in Cameron Highlands. Travelling up from Tapah will reach Ringlet which is the warmest town here as it is nearest to the lowlands coming into Cameron Highlands.

The weather around Cameron Highlands

The two major towns here, Tanah Rata and Brinchang are located not very far from each other. Hence, the very much experience the same weather and temperature throughout the year. For Ringlet meanwhile, the temperature can sometimes be hotter as it is not as high up from sea level as the other 2 towns.

After Ringlet is Tanah Rata which is slightly colder and further up is Brinchang town which connects to Kea Farm. These places are the coldest among all the locations in Cameron Highlands. To enjoy the freshest air, the mornings would be the best time to head out and take walks.

One thing for sure, if you are looking for something really cooling, then Mount Brinchang might be what you are looking for. As you make your way up to the peak of Mount Brinchang, the temperature drops significantly and at times, the air could even be thinner. Hence, you need to be mindful to take deep breaths. The temperature here can dip even during the mid-afternoon too.

On most days, the afternoons can be quite warm which is when the sun is directly above and proximity is closer. At night, temperature can sometimes reach 10 or 11 degrees Celsius which is when it is coldest.

Rainfall in Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is under the monsoon seasons of Malaysia. Each year, the country experiences the Northeast Monsoon which comes about between November and March. From May to September, the Southeast Monsoon comes about. Cameron Highlands is subject to the latter which means there is more rainfall than usual. It is also around these months that the rain might cause landslides although most shower usually goes for about 1-2 hours at most.
It must be noted that February would almost be a DRY month here!