Entertainment centres and Karaoke outlets

travellers bistro

There are a broad range of entertainment options if you are holidaying in Cameron Highlands. This is one thing you will surely find in abundance here being one of the top travel destinations in Malaysia. Around the highlands, you can get around on foot and visit the local attractions and enjoy the local foods. But if you are looking for some fun, there are a lot of other options like karaoke outlets and such.

Best pubs and karaoke in Cameron Highlands

Travellers Bistro – After a long day out there at the local attractions, you will naturally want to find a place to unwind, enjoy a drink and just watch some football. The Travellers Bistro is one of your best options here where you will find a long list of cocktails and other beverages on its menu. You will always see a crowd here in the evenings where they air live soccer games. Besides that, a lot of people like to come here for its impressive western dishes too.

Jungle Bar & Restaurant – You will find a cool environment here to hang out amidst the cool weather of Cameron Highlands. This pub is very popular among travellers and backpackers.

Seed of Relax Karaoke – This outlet has a modern design to it. What you get is a very comfortable place to enjoy singing with your groups of friends and family around Tanah Rata. You can order the variety of foods and drinks that are served on the menu.

Rosa Passadena Karaoke – The Rosa Passadena Karaoke operates at the Pines Restaurant which is part of the Rosa Passadena Hotel. It is one of the few very unique places where you can enjoy singing while dining. The karaoke has an open concept where you sing in main stage to entertain the other guests or you can just sit back and relax while others sing their hearts out.

Nova Karaoke – The Nova Karaoke operates at the Aranda Nova Apartments. Rooms here can be rented on hourly basis. There are several packages available where you can sing and enjoy the foods.

Karaoke Café – This is one of the very popular places to sing where you will find very affordable snacks and drinks too.