Parking Spaces in Cameron

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Cameron Highlands is a great place to drive if you are not here during the peak periods. The town centres are very close to each other where you can get from one point to another within minutes. However, the peak periods would be a different scenario as you will experience high traffic in most locations around the highlands.

Parking tips and summon

Cameron Highlands come under the same jurisdiction of all the Malaysian traffic laws. You will be bound by the Malaysian Highway Code and its related regulations. As such, you must adhere to the laws in terms of parking around here.

Private Parking – Most private properties here come with ample parking spaces. You should be able to park at surrounding areas of the hotels and resorts where you are staying in. At most apartments, you would be provided with a dedicated parking space that comes with the unit you are staying in. Meanwhile, there will be a lot of parking spaces in the commercial areas like shopping regions, the commercial offices as well as along shops and retail outlets.

Public Parking – There are a lot of public parking spaces around the shoplots and major areas. The rectangular shaped lots are where you can place your vehicle as long as it is not obstructing anyone and within its confined area. If you come across any vacant lot, you can park there without any worries. Yellow and white lines are placed at the side of the road as no-parking areas.

Other Parking Locations – Besides the private and public parking spaces, you can find specially designated parking spaces in places like the Freesia Bus Terminal (upper floors). There are more than sufficient parking spaces there which are free of charge while you can park in the designated areas in Cameron Square as well. On special events, you can park at the roadside as long as you are not obstructing traffic or anyone.

Other Important Information

Parking Fees and Safety – Most places around Cameron Highlands have free parking. You can park anywhere as long as it is not illegal. If you are staying at a hotel along a row of shops, you would leave you car overnight in the open space. This is quite safe and very normal around here.

Summons and Regulations – During the low-peak seasons, parking is quite easy. However, summons will be issued during the peak periods as well as during occasions like public holidays and school vacations. Never park at an illegal spot or you would be issued a summons. Go to the Brinchang Police Station if you receive a summons where you will have to pay between RM30 and RM100 depending on the offence.

Illegal Parking Spaces – The rule of thumb is to park at legal spots. If you really have no choice, then you should try to avoid the main road in Brinchang. This is beacsue it is most prone to enforcements and checks which mean you are at a high risk of being issued a summons. There are legal parking spots not far from Brinchang town where you can walk to the Night Market and the shops around there. Trying to find a place nearer to the market can be quite distressing where you might end up rounding in hours before finding one.