Hill Station Café Cameron Highlands

hill station

Located along Jalan Besar of Tanah Rata, the Hill Station Café is an ideal dining place whether you are looking for a full meal or alight one. This is one of the popular hangout places among the locals as well as visitors to Cameron Highlands and more particularly among those who are around Tanah Rata.

Great for meals and snacks

The Hill Station Café has a rustic and cosy ambience where you can enjoy the cool weather of the highlands while having a satisfying meal. What you get here is basically a place that serves great western dishes with some local delights.

The standard chicken chop, fish and chips are among the preferred dishes ordered by the customers where you can try out their original and homemade recipe. As Hill Station Café is opened throughout the day, it starts early in the morning where many customers are seen having breakfast here.

Their Toast and Chicken Curry Dip is among the specialties here while they serve a wide range of salads too. For lunch or dinner, you can order the different types of soup or their own roti canai. Meanwhile, Hill Station Café serves great desserts too which include ice-cream and their own specialty coffee and other beverages.