J-Tea Café Cameron Highlands


The J-Tea Café is located along Jalan Besar in Brinchang town. This is one of the places you can go if you wish to enjoy some snacks or have a light meal without eating too much. The J-Tea Café is a great place to try out the local snacks and a healthy meal where you can enjoy some of the most delicious and sumptuous salad around.

Wide range of fruit juices

The J-Tea Café is actually one of the very popular places in Cameron Highlands especially during the in-between meal times. There are actually a lot of people who prefer to sit around and relax from walking around the towns and because J-Tea has a bright-coloured signage coupled with its convenient location, it becomes a destination of choice for many.

This is where you can you can find a wide variety of fresh fruit juices to offer while you must try their fresh vegetable salad sourced from the local farms here. If you prefer to have a full meal, you can try out their delicious steak or even take the cooked dishes like fried noodles or fried rice. Besides that, there is quite an exciting range of pastries at J-Tea Café or just enjoy a cup of coffee or tea here.