Cameron Highlands Shopping Mall

Cameron Square is perhaps the only major shopping mall you can find in Cameron Highlands. One of the most recent additions to the attractions here, you can find a myriad of shops and places of interests within the shopping centre.

Best shopping centre in the highlands

At Cameron Square, you can enjoy several floors of retail and shopping therapy. It is one of the most popular hangouts in Cameron Highlands especially among the young, local residents. This is where you can find the likes of convenience stores, coffee places, pharmacies and clothing brands.

Apart from that, Cameron Square is frequented by visitors who like to enjoy some time in the shops away from the cold weather outside. Within the shopping mall, you can find several food outlets that serve great local and continental cuisine.

If you are a shopaholic, then you will find that there are actually many other places to buy stuff besides Cameron Square. The Night Market is where you get to put your bargaining skills to test and take home some local snacks and products. Meanwhile, most vegetable farms and nurseries have their own shopping arcade where you can buy the local produce, souvenirs, crafts and other local items to bring home.