Miscellaneous Business Around Cameron Highlands


Newsstand business in Cameron

The best place to go if you are looking for daily goods is at newsstands. There are several such shops around the town centres of Cameron Highlands. These are places where you can buy daily newspapers, titbits and cigarettes, among others.

The Cameron News Centre is located in Tanah Rata and that is where you can go to buy such items. Besides newspapers and such, you can buy beverages, snacks and some local products as well. It is perfect for tourists who are looking for something to read while you can buy prepaid top-ups from all the major telcos too. 

Watch repair

Yat Hung Enterprises is the place to go if you are looking for a place to repair your old watches and related items. It is actually one of the oldest operators of this business in the entire Cameron Highlands. Located in Brinchang, Yat Hung Enterprises is known to have the expertise to repair the oldest types of watches you can find.

Whatever watch brand you have, as long as it is mechanical, they will be able to help you. Besides that, you can replace batteries for your watches, change the spoilt straps or any other services including finding items that are no longer in production.

Cameron Pharmacies

For all your basic medical needs, you can easily find pharmacies in the major towns. There is a Guardian Pharmacy in Brinchang which is already a household name selling medical and daily supplies. You will not miss the orange coloured signage in the heart of the town centre.

Over in Tanah Rata, you can locate Tiga S where you can buy daily goods and items. Operated by a local businessman, Tiga S is the place to go where you can find basic medication for fever, flu and other ointments. Apart from that, you can buy basic beverages, some snacks and health supplements as well.

Pajak Gadai Tai Cheong

Do you need extra cash and has something to exchange? Head out to Persiaran Camelia in Tanah Rata. This is where you can find the Pajak Gadai Tai Cheong which is a pawn shop. Where this is concerned, you can bring any valuables or jewelleries that you do not need and exchange them for cash.

Located in the central part of Tanah Rata, you can easily find Pajak Gadai Tai Cheong which offers great customer service. The valuables can be used as collateral where Pajak Gadai Tai Cheong will give you a good rate that you will surely be satisfied with.

Money Remittance from Cameron Highlands

If you are a foreigner in Cameron Highlands whether for work or as a tourist, you might need to transfer money back home to your country. You can find several money remittance agents around the commercial areas.

Names like IME, Unique Exchange and Azad M.K are among the agents operating in Tanah Rata. Offering a complete range of services, their charges are quite reasonable where you can transfer funds overseas and to other bank accounts approved by embassies.

If you are looking for something more recognized, there are several Western Union agents which are often sought after by foreign workers employed in Cameron Highlands.

Laundry services in Cameron

Laundries would come in very handy when travelling in Cameron Highlands especially if you do not intend to carry too many clothes. Around the main towns of Brinchang and Tanah Rata, you will find laundry shops that offer such services at reasonable prices and competitive rates.

The Kedai Dobi Highland in Tanah Rata is one such outlet while in Brinchang, you can have your clothes washed at Kedai Dobi Shan. These businesses provide a full range of cleaning service including specialized ones. This includes dry cleaning for more delicate clothing and special cleaning services for curtains and comforters, among others.

Kedai Emas Poh Cheong, goldsmith shop in Cameron

If you are a person who likes gold and other valuables, then the Kedai Emas Poh Cheong is the perfect place to go. Located in Tanah Rata, this is where you go to choose the best gold products you can find.

Kedai Emas Poh Cheong is among the few goldsmiths in Cameron Highlands. This is where you can find a wide range of gold products like rings, necklaces, bracelets and such. You can even customize certain items if you need. As a goldsmith, they not only sell products but they do buy back if you have any to convert to cash.

Insurance Agent or Group in Cameron Highlands

For all your insurance needs, you can visit any of the many insurance agents around Cameron Highlands. The Wakil Insurance Chong Hong operates in Brinchang while you can find MCIS in Tanah Rata.

What you get at these outlets are several types of services. You can consult the agents to help with buying any sort of insurance whether it is for your personal use or for your properties.

This includes life insurance, fire insurance for homes and other general services. If you require, the agents will be able to assist you in drafting out proposals to suit your budget and requirements.

Cameron Hardware Shop

The Syarikat Nyen Shin Baru is the perfect place to go in Brinchang if you are looking for some hardware and other items. Located in the heart of the town centre, you can find a lot of stuff here where it operates until 9.00pm daily except for Sundays.

Whether it is for a home repair or for other purposes, the Syarikat Nyen Shin Baru would be your best option. You can find screwdrivers, all types of paints, hammer and nails and other items for minor repairs or for a complete renovation. Check with the shop owner who can help you with any requirements you need.

Driving school

The Institut Memandu Litar Sistem Aldikap is one of the few driving schools in Cameron Highlands to help you with obtaining your legal driving licence. If you are planning to pass this test, you need to attend the relevant classes and stipulated hours of training. In most cases, you can start taking these classes at the age of 17.

Besides that, you can do so at the LSA Driving School in Tanah Rata. These certified driving schools will have all the information you need starting from the theoretical classes as well as the practical sessions to equip you before you take the exam.