Taman Sedia

Taman Sedia in Cameron Highlands is perhaps one of the most convenient places to stay if you seek a rewarding holiday without to succumb to overpriced accommodation rates.

Beautiful natural surroundings

When you arrive at Taman Sedia, you will start to notice that it is surrounded by some very beautiful surroundings. Besides that, the shops are not far from here as well. This is where you will notice that the Tanah Rata bus terminal is just two kilometers away and that is also the place where you can find a lot of exciting shops and retail outlets. Furthermore, the police station is nearby too while you can take a jungle hike to the nearby waterfalls as you should always report yourself to the police station before embarking into any hiking or forest activities.

Homestays available

In Taman Sedia, you can choose to stay in the many different homes that are available. Homestays are offered in various shapes and sizes. From as low as RM49 per night, you can choose between a room or a full house with many rooms. In most cases, the homestay usually comes with basic facilities as well as meals depending on what you prefer.

Convenient location

It would be most recommended that you opt for those with meals because you get to try out the most authentic local foods that are popular here in Cameron Highlands.
If you choose to go out on your own, then you can easily hail a Grab or taxi ride from the doorstep as these services are easily available here. From as low as RM6, you can get to the nearby attractions or to the major town of Brinchang.

Halal Restaurants and Cafes

That is where you will find a lot more food options like steamboat and seafood restaurants. Besides food, you will also find that the weekend night market which is located near here as well which means that you get to buy some of the best local produce from Cameron Highlands at one place.