Cameron Bus and Taxi

Cameron Bus and Taxi

If you are planning to travel to Cameron Highlands on bus or taxi, you will stop at the Bus Terminal Freesia which is located in Tanah Rata, one of the 3 major towns here. It is at this terminal that you will embark from and stop using the express buses that operate around the country.

Tanah Rata is the main transportation and administrative town of Cameron Highlands which means you can make almost all your travel arrangements here.

If you are going around on public transport, once you disembark at the Freesia, you can look for other bus and taxi services here that can help to get you around Cameron.

Opened in 2005, the Freesia Bus Terminal operates within a 3-storey building with the bus terminal operated at the main floor while the ground floor is used for taxi services. If you are using these services to get around Cameron Highlands, you must take note of all the timetables and schedules.

Several bus companies you can choose from

You will find several main bus companies here that provide travel services within Cameron Highlands while there are express intercity services as well.

The companies that are commonly seen here include Kurnia Bistari, CS Travel, Unititi Express and GT Express, among others. Between the main towns, you can take the hourly bus services which should not be more than RM1.50 per trip.

The buses should be approaching every 30 minutes although this can be quite inconsistent at times.

The Freesia Bus Terminal is the best place to start if you plan to use the public taxi services. Besides this terminal, there is another main taxi stand in Brinchang town.

Flagging down a taxi in any other locations around Cameron Highlands can be quite challenging especially if you are foreign tourist because some might not use the meter as required. This means that you might have to bargain with the drivers which should not be more than RM8 per trip.

The most ideal method is to plan your trip beforehand where you can arrange with the taxi service for trips to the major attractions like the Boh Tea Plantation, Gunung Brinchang and Strawberry Farm in which the taxi will ferry you there and back at a stipulated time.

Cameron Taxi booking service

Going around in Cameron Highlands, especially during the peak seasons can be quite difficult if you are driving. This is because of the traffic jam that occurs around the town areas. Taxi services are easily available in Cameron Highlands which will bring you around without you having to worry about driving.

The service is provided by the Cameron Highlands Taxi Service. Generally, the charges are RM25 per hour per vehicle. If you share the fare with your friends, it would be an ideal option to get around Cameron Highlands to visit the popular locations at an affordable rate.

There are several packages that you can engage while using the taxi services which will enable you to cover the most popular places here. This can be an individual or package sightseeing tour which can either be a half or a full day trip.

Taxi packages to visit the top attractions

Packages offered include Boh Tea Plantation + the Boh Tea Shop, Cameron Valley Tea Plantation and Tea Shop, the Mossy Forest Tour at Mount Brinchang, – Sunrise Tour, Strawberry Farm, Butterfly Farm/Honey Bee Centre, the Aboriginal (Orang Asli) Settlements, Jungle Trekking and the Rafflesia Flower Tour while other packages are available upon request.

This rate is offered only for members and mention when you call the following numbers to book your taxis and you will be offered the special package deal.

Contacts for taxi booking