Cameron Map & Getting There

cameron highlands big map

You can either travel by car or by public transport to Cameron Highlands. If you are going to travel up there by car, you will have to take the North-South Expressway. From there, you may use the Tapah toll exit. Tapah toll exit is the main entry point to Cameron highlands. From here, you will have to go through a long and meandering road, about 60 km up to the hill resort.

Tapah road is not that safe during raining seasons

It takes about 1 ½ hours. You will need to have enough rest and alertness when you are driving up to Cameron highlands. This is because there are numerous sharp turns and narrow bends along the way.

But overall, it is a rather safe drive. If you are a first timer, no worries. There are plenty of signboards along the way. So even if you generally have no sense of direction, you will still find it difficult to get lost.

If you use this way, you will pass by the Lata Kinjang waterfal. Peaceful and refreshing, the flowing sounds of the mountain streams will immediately relax you. You will be able to enjoy the mesmerizing view below the large stones.

Besides that, there are many stalls selling a variety kind of stuff, from foods to souvenirs.

Cameron Highlands Big Map

cameron highlands big map

Simpang Pulai Highway is better

Simpang Pulai highway is a godsend for those who prefer a less-dizzying drive. This road is carved through solid granite mountains. It is linked up further to the east with Gua Musang in Kelantan.

If you are coming from Kuala Lumpur, you may skip the Tapah toll exit and look out for the Simpang Pulai exit(before Ipoh exit). It is about 25 km ahead. After the toll, turn right at the first traffic light and after another 500 m, you will have to turn to right again at the traffic lights. When you reach the Blue Valley/Gua Musang junction, about 55 km from Simpang Pulai, take a right turn and you will get to Kampung Raja.

From there, there is only one way and it will lead you to Brinchang then to Tanah Rata. It takes about 75 km from the Simpang Pulai toll to reach Brinchang.

If you do not want to go after all those hassles of driving up to Cameron highlands, you can just take the public transport. The bus will take you directly up till the Tanah Rata bus station. There are daily buses to Cameron highlands operating from Kuala Lumpur and bus from Penang. Local travel agents can also help check on the tour buses that are available from Singapore and Johor Bahru.

Tips for driving up to Cameron Highlands

During the dry season, accidents have occurred especially among inexperienced drivers while during the wet season, there are known to be landslides along the way.

Along the Simpang Pulai highway meanwhile, there are certain spots which drivers must be extra careful. This includes the sudden turn heading from Kampung Raja to Simpang Pulai after a long straight. This spot is known to be one of the most dangerous ones in this highway.

It would be best to drive steadily and not too fast because there could be branches and small rocks along the way. In more extreme situations, landslides could occur.

New road from Raub to Cameron going through Bertam Valley

Meanwhile, there is a direct stretch which connects Bertam Valley with Raub while a new link is built that channels vehicles from Strawberry Park out to the Simpang Pulai highway.

Massive traffic jam during peak season

Driving would be the most ideal option mainly because the attractions like farms, plantations and nurseries and apiaries are connected by road. It must be noted however that traffic congestion in Cameron Highlands, particularly around the tourist attractions can be quite bad during the holiday season.

For those who do not drive and arrive there on public transport, there are taxi services which are readily available. Apart from that, going around in the towns like Brinchang on foot would be a delightful experience due to the cooling weather here.

Express Bus to and from Cameron Highlands

Long Distance Express Bus Kurnia bistari Sdn. Bhd.
Main Road, Tanah Rata Bus Station,
39000 Tanah Rate

Kurnia Bistari Express (Normal Coach)Kuala Lumpur
(Counter 39 ,Puduraya 03-20318307)
Cameron Highlands
(05-4912 978)
RM30+ (4+ hours) Daily
9.30 am 10.30 am 11.30 am 2.30 pm
3.30 pm
Kurnia Bistari Express (Super VIP Coach)Kuala Lumpur
(Counter 39 ,Puduraya 03-20318307)
Cameron Highlands
(05-4912 978)
RM40+(4+ hours)Daily
8.30 am 11.30 am 1.30 pm
Kurnia Bistari Express (Normal Coach)Cameron Highlands
(05-4912 978)
Kuala Lumpur
(Counter 39 ,Puduraya 03-20318307)
RM30+ (4+ hours)Daily
10.30 am 11.30 am
1.30 pm
2.30 pm 3.30 pm
4.30 pm
Kurnia Bistari Express (Super VIP Coach)Cameron Highlands
(05-4912 978)
Kuala Lumpur
(Counter 39 ,Puduraya 03-20318307)
(4+ hours)
8.30 am 9.30 am 12.30 pm
Damai Express (26 seater coach)Cameron Highlands(Tanah Rata)Counter 8 & 9 pasarakyat, Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur (03-2145 9077)RM50.00 (4+ hours)Daily
8.00 am
1.30 pm
Damai Express (26 seater coach)Counter 8 & 9 pasarakyat, Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur (03-2145 9077)Cameron Highlands(Tanah Rata)RM50.00 (4+ hours)Daily
8.00 am
1.30 pm
ExpressIpoh Bus Station (Old Town)Cameron Highlands(Tanah Rata)RM13.90 (3 hours)8.00 am 11.00 am 3.00 pm 6.00 pm
ExpressCameron Highlands(Tanah Rata)Ipoh Bus Station (Old Town)RM13.90 (3 hours)8.00 am 11.00 am 3.00 pm 6.00 pm
ExpressPenang (Perangin Mall)Cameron Highlands(Tanah Rata)RM41.00 (5 hours)8.00 am
9.00 am
2.00 pm

ONE-WAY TAXI JOURNEY(from Cameron Highlands)
Tel: 605-4912355 (Cameron Highlands)
Taxi for hire from anywhere(eg. Kuala Lumpur, Penang, JB) to Cameron Highlands: 011 36868561(Stephen Yu)

Proposed Bypasses in Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highland Bypass Road is a proposed road that, if realized can ease the traffic jams that are causing a lot of inconvenience in Cameron Highlands.

Solving the traffic jam problem

Being one of the top tourist destinations in Malaysia, traffic congestion in Cameron Highlands can be unbelievably bad during long weekends, public holidays and school breaks. The current roads that connect Cameron Highlands can no longer accommodate the high traffic flow during these times. Widening the roads will not solve the problem either. Hence, it is proposed that a bypass be built as an alternative for travelers to arrive between two ends.

Details of the proposed bypass

The proposed bypass will cover 2 areas.

  1. Ringlet-Tringkap (Southern) – This stretch is 23.5 kilometers long. It connects Ringlet on one and Tringkap on the other. Connecting the southern part of Cameron Highlands, it will be an elevated one starting from Habu (about 9km from Tanah Rata) and reaches Blue Valley. There will be exit points along the way like Brinchang, Kea Farm, Kuala Terla and Kampung Raja. Using this bypass will avoid having to go through all the towns if you are traveling from Ringlet to Tringkap (or any towns in between) which is perfect for those coming in through the Tapah Interchange (as you will reach Ringlet first).
  2. Kuala Terla – Blue Valley (Northern) – This stretch is 7 kilometers long. Those coming in from Simpang Pulai interchange will benefit from this and also towards the Gua Musang exit towards the eastern states of Peninsular Malaysia.